Colts Match Report

Colts Match Report For Saturday 7th June – Brenden “Zip” Fannin

You have to wonder about “the brains” behind the competition.
Firstly, the colts were drawn to play Shamrocks at Eridge Park and at the same time, our grade teams were drawn to play Shoalhaven at Shoalhaven.
This left us with a conundrum………………………

Do we:-

– Play at Eridge Park, move the game forward to 10:00am – so we can then go to Shoalhaven as a club?
– Transfer our home game to Shoalhaven – so we play as a club But without the home game?.

So, we transferred our home game to Shoalhaven – this means we have 4 home games at Eridge Park for the whole season and 8 away games – hmm!

Anyway, back to the rugby.

Given the above circumstances, we started the game with 13 players against Shamrocks squad of 20 players.
In another daft rule, we had to match numbers in the set-piece, meaning 8 forwards against 8 forwards, and their 7 backs against our 5 backs.
Every opportunity, Shamrocks were sending the ball wide into the open spaces and made us chase – we were going fifteen to the dozen trying to close the space, before we even thought about taking the space.

As far as a team performance goes, it would have to rank as one of our best performances.
We played committed rugby, showing plenty of intent and a desire to make things happen.

Once again, there were patches during the game where we dominated Shamrocks. Once again, these patches need to be maintained for longer periods during the game, to stamp our authority on the game.
In these patches, Shamrocks had no answers – all they could do was defend. But, a turnover, set-piece and Shamrocks spread it wide and we had to start again.
Even the Shamrocks coach made mention of how “plucky” we were! Commenting: “it would’ve been an interesting game if it was 15 against 15”.

Jack McRae had a great game – earning the 3 points best and fairest – scored 2 tries and nailing a conversion that never looked like missing, and Josh Carroll-Fajarda kicking 1 conversion.

Special mention to Jesse Elliott – on the injured list, but still turned up. After watching Shamrocks dominate for periods of time, located some playing kit and helped the boys out!

If we can take one thing from this game, its that we have the ability to put sides under pressure. If we can fine tune at training, then we’ll reap the rewards.
Colts player points for Saturday:

3. Jack Macrae.
2. Lincoln Bell.
1. Michael Bates.
1. Callum Houston.