Colts Match Report

Colts Match Report for Saturday 12th July 2014 – Brendan (Zip) Fannin.
Saturday saw the colts have their first game as a team in over a month, and it was a very frustrating game – very frustrating!

Individually, we played well. As a team we were awful.
By rights, we should have had the game killed off by half time.
Reality was, we were defeated 22-15 (4 tries to 3).

The Vikings points came from our poor play and execution. We piggy-backed them out of trouble with errors, poor options and eventually gave them scoring opportunities which resulted in points.

Our 3 tries were scored by:-

Cal Dawson
Josh Carroll-Fajarda
Jack McCrae
The three conversion attempts were unsuccessful as the wind played havoc with kickers.

The very last play of the game, Jack McCrae crashed over the try line only for the referee to call the try “held-up”.

As mentioned to the boys after the game, if we come to training, it’ll be worth 20 points to us on game day.
If we turn up to training, we can give the competition a real shake – THEN the beer will be even tastier!

Player points for Colts:-

3. Callum Dawson
2. Tom Taylor
1. Jesse Elliott
1. Jack Macrae
1. Cameron Lui