New Clubhouse Needs Your Help

Dear all

It’s been a dream for a lot of people over many years to renovate the Bowral Rugby Clubhouse, and it is finally happening.

From the road you would barely know anything has been done, with the exception of the fence surrounding the building, but inside it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Clubhouse is now a shell of its former self, with years of memories for the “Old Boys” being stripped away to make room for some emerging young talent to build their own memories in its place.

The truth is we all have the utmost respect for what the “Old Boys” were able to achieve here and we love to hear the stories recounted of what went on in this old place. We look forward to seeing those old photos back on the new walls as they beckon us to be better players and relive the dreams of those who played before us, hoping one day to earn our place alongside them in the respected old Clubhouse.

However, the reality is that for us to get the new Clubhouse finished we need your help – whether young players or “Old Boys”, supporters or parents, passers-by or lovers of sport, it doesn’t matter a bit. What we ask is that if you have respect for this old place and what it and Rugby stands for, then lend us a hand to get this massive project finished.

If you are a Tradie and can donate yours, your workers or your apprentices time for a day, or even a few hours, then it will get us closer to completion.

If you supply building products including concrete, really anything we can use on the build, it will all help.

And for those who aren’t able to help in this way and can spare some money to pledge to the Clubhouse for the future ahead, this will be an immense help.

We aren’t asking you to break any records or give your left arm, but whatever you can spare for this great cause will be very warmly welcomed. Even if all you have to offer is $20, it will all help and hopefully through all our members, supporters and friends we can make this happen.

Please contact Greg Samsa on 0417 430926 or reply to now if you feel you can contribute in any way. A specific list of requirements for the next 6 weeks (Stage 1 works scheduled to be completed by Saturday 28th March) will be sent out to all members in the coming days.

Thankyou for your continuing support.

Bowral Rugby Club Inc