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The first stage of our Clubhouse upgrade has now been completed, it was part of a fully approved 3-stage development.

The completion of the first stage involved the upgrading and redesign of the existing 2 story building to a 400sqm facility of comfortable all weather space.

  • Works included:
  • Re-modelled & appointed change-rooms
  • Extended and enclosed balcony area that seamlessly becomes part of the existing main clubhouse area
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • New access staircase
  • Reverse cycle air-conditioning for year round comfort
  • New commercial style kitchen and bar facilities
  • Ceiling to Floor windows along entire front of clubhouse for comfortable match viewing in inclement weather.

The completion of this stage of the works work has provided not only a 400 sqm attractive, modern clubhouse to be proud of, but will also attract to Bowral marquee rugby matches such as the Shute Shield, NSW Country Rugby Championships & Super Rugby Trials that will provide entertainment and opportunity to the future stars of Bowral Blacks.

Stage 2 additions will provide a further 2 level extension to the Northern section of the existing building and provide a further 189sqm of useable space. This part of the development includes lift access to the first floor, open viewing area, canteen, office and store below.

Total project costs for this Stage amount to $330,000

Stage 3 additions to the Southern end of the building will provide 71sqm of additional meeting & group activity space over existing store areas. Total project costs for this Stage amount to $148,000.

This is a major project in anyone’s eyes, but even more so for a non-profit organization, relying on the hard work of volunteers.

To the ordinary person this looks like a challenge beyond what we could ever dream to achieve – To an extraordinary local rugby club with passion & pride this is a logical step into our future.


We are looking for an extraordinary contribution here from our members and friends. It is do-able, but only with our combined efforts. We are asking you to look beyond your lifetime, as the founders of this club did for us to make the future of rugby in the Highlands strong and viable.

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